De corona-situatie én het verdwijnen van Het Heerenhuis hebben voor ons en onze gasten/leerlingen veel veranderd. Pagina's over lessen, workshops e.d. zijn nu niet actueel. Lees onze actuele berichten hier

The information on this page will be updated as soon as our decision is there (the new venue for Tangosundays and lessons, when to restart). Find updates here.  

We, Rob & Inez will regularly teach a workshop Tangotechnique 

for followers / leaders, men & women.

Usefull and interesting. These 2 hour tangotechnique workshops will help you to dance with more confidence, playfullness and pleasure, and to make your tangomoves more natural, organic and soft.

We do fun & easy excercises for stability, posture, flow of energy, connection and elegance, and teach you flashy adornments. 
There will be grapes and chocolates.

After the workshop we all dance at our lovely Tangosunday  with our amazing DJs.

Sundays : 13.00 - 15.00 
Total Entrance Fee € 30,- 

Please transfer to: NL41 INGB 0008 9475 32 
t.n.v. G.J.M. van Beusekom en/of R.A. Doolaard te Amsterdam 
Seminars : tangotechnique

Argentijnse Tango Rob & Inez tel : 0651381924 

Due to Covid 19 situation there are no sundayworkshops at the moment, we follow the situation closely.